porky pies


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  1. I love this. How wonderfully inventive of your mum. I’m not sure I’d get anything past my daughter!

    • we were very gullible which helped 🙂

  2. My parents told me and my brother that we didn’t like the black fruit pastilles. It turns out it was a ruse so that we would hand them over for them to eat. To this day I don’t eat purple sweets.

    They also told us that kiwi fruit was elephant’s poo Can’t eat that either.

    • hahahah! That is brilliant! My dad did something similar with orange smarties. *allegedly* they were the only ones he could eat.

  3. I am so so sorry. So very sorry indeed xxxxx

  4. I love this post. I truly do. It is so completely real of life.

  5. My Dad always told me that if the ice cream van was playing a tune it meant they had run out of ice cream!

    Such cruelty!

    • my friend’s parents told her the same thing. I think I may keep that one for future use!

  6. My Grand-Father developed an affinity for Persian dates when he served in Libya and Iran MANY years ago. The kids and eventual grand kids would be told that they were roaches with the legs pulled off. I remember once sneaking one of these “insects” and when I was caught he reinforced the story by telling me they were so sweet because roaches eat so much sugar. Regretfully, I think I started eating more bugs after that until he came clean of his deception. The grand kids that came after me were kept away from the sodas with his stories of “bug juice.”

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